Calm Radio Internet Radio URLs


You can easily download Calm Radio URL channels to a wide range of listening devices.


How do I access my URL links?

How do I listen through Apple Music/iTunes?


For all our members with internet radios, Calm Radio provides a complete download of all our channel's URLs in two types. Direct URLs and Port 80 URLs.

  • Direct URLs are the most common to use.
  • Port 80 URLs are needed for listeners behind firewalls, like in banks, hospitals, universities etc.
  • Your custom URLs are permanent as long as you don't change your password.
  • Calm Radio offers complete assistance with internet radios.


How do I access my URL links?


  1. Log in to your Premium calm Radio account on the web
  2. Visit your "My Account" section
  3. Scroll down to "Internet URLs" to make your selection





Enjoying Calm Radio through Apple Music/iTunes



To enjoy Calm Radio through Apple Music (formerly iTunes), please follow these instructions:

1) On the website, visit the My Account menu by clicking your profile picture at the top of the page




2) Scroll down to "Internet Radio URL's" and press "View Full Table"




3) Look for "Authentication Type 1" and press the green button to download a list of Apple Music/iTunes channel links






4) Open your Apple Music/iTunes application and visit "Open Stream URL" or "File" > "Open Stream" in the File menu.





5) Open the list of Apple Music/iTunes links you previously downloaded. 




6) Locate the channel you wish to add to Apple Music/iTunes and carefully copy and paste the channel URL from your list into the "Open Stream" window.





7) Your channel will now appear in Apple Music/iTunes. If the channel information is not appearing, simply visit the Edit > Song Info menu and the information will appear.








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