Calm Radio on Internet Radio


You can also enjoy Calm Radio on Internet Radio. Here's how:

How does Internet Radio work with Calm Radio?

How do I set up my Calm Radio account with Internet Radio?

How do I know which radios are supported?


How They Work

Most internet radios use an online web management portal as an easy way to browse and find stations, set up/organize your favorites, add your own custom stations.

Typical management portals are:,,, and more.


How to set up your Calm Radio account with Internet Radio

  • Set up an account with the required web portal for your radio then register your internet radio online.
  • Next,  add Calm Radio channel URLs. Your internet radio will then synchronize to the web management portal automatically.

To research if your radio is compatible, have a look at our setup documents for all supported internet radios here:

Our list of supported internet radios:

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