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Enjoy Calm Radio on the web with ease. Here's how!


How do I subscribe to Calm Radio on the web?

How do I log in and start listening?

How do I use the multimix feature?

How do I adjust my background videos?

How do I use the sleep timer feature?

How do I adjust the audio quality?


How do I subscribe to Calm Radio on the Web?

  1. Open your browser, go to

  2. Scroll down to view subscription plans 

  3. Select your desired subscription plan and create your account credentials (if you already have an account with us, simply log in with your existing account credentials)

  4. Proceed to checkout

  5. Enter your billing details

  6. Confirm your subscription

  7. Happy Listening!


Log in and start listening

  1. Open your browser, go to, and sign up for an account or login if you are a member.

  2. While music is playing, hover over the album art and the menu options seen below will appear.

  3. Click on the menu labeled "Music", found to the top left of the page beside the Calm Radio logo (see #1 on a picture below)

  4. You will be taken to another section that lists all of Calm Radio's categories and channels

  5. Click and choose a music category (click 'select genre')

  6. Double-click on your favorite genre, pick a channel and it will start to play.



Let your creative instincts paint your own Multimix.

Try adding different tonalities, high and low, for example, add some Birds for the high frequencies, Whales for the middle frequency spectrum. Or try designing an "Outer Space" environment, using Earth, Delta Waves and Submarine. Your imagination is the limit!

  1. Start playing a channel
  2. Click on the plus (+) icon on the bottom left
  3. Choose an additional layer (up to 3)
  4. The chosen layer will start playing alongside the music
  5. Adjust the faders (sliders) to taste
  6. Continue to add more layers (Nature Sounds) and have fun!

To remove a layer:

  1. Click the plus (+) symbol while playing your music, and you will see the channel and the layers
  2. Go to the layer to remove, and hover over the picture of the layer (ie "Wind")
  3. As you hover over the layer picture, click the minus (-) symbol that appears over the logo of the layer to remove it



How do I adjust my background videos?

To pick a new background or adjust the background to a solid color, please see the controls highlighted in the image below.


Background video adjuster


To change the background:

  1. Start playing a channel
  2. Click on the "movie reel" icon (#3 on image at the top of this page)
  3. This will bring up the background controller
  4. Select a new background

*To change to a solid color:

  1. Pick the color of your choice by clicking the Overlay Color selector button (see above image), and adjusting to taste
  2. Move the Opacity Control (see above) all the way right
  3. You will now have the solid color background of your choice

Sleep Timer control

  1. Start playing a channel
  2. Click the "Sleep Timer" control 
  3. Choose a length of time before "Sleep Timer" starts
  4. Have a carefree and calming sleep, as the music shuts down after your set time

Audio Quality options

  1. Start playing a channel
  2. Click the icon to adjust the audio stream bitrate (HD, HIGH, MOBILE
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