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You can now easily enjoy your Calm Radio subscription on Samsung Smart TVs. Here's how:


How do I get Calm Radio on my Smart TV?

How do I search for a channel on my Smart TV?

How do I add a channel to my favorites?

How do I use the Multimixer feature on my Smart TV?

How do I select a background video on my Smart TV?

What other Calm Radio features are available on my Smart TV?




Download the app

Download our free SAMSUNG TV app from the SAMSUNG App Store. (Search "Calm Radio" exactly.)

  1. After the app has fully downloaded and installed to the TV, press the HOME button on your remote, and then navigate to the Apps section. Open the blue CALM RADIO icon which should now be in your list of available apps on the TV.
  2. Sign in, or Sign up for an account (Press Sign In / Sign Up).



Find a channel

  1. To SEARCH for a channel, simply log on to and go to the MUSIC menu, where you can SEARCH and then FAVORITE a channel and it will show up across all of your devices, in your FAVORITED channels (see below #1#6 for FAVORITED channels).
  2. Choose any channel to start playing.
  3. The app will present the NOW PLAYING section (seen in the diagram below). You can also see song information in the middle of the screen.



Favorite This Channel

Use the STAR-SHAPED icon to add the currently playing channel to your FAVORITES section in the MUSIC menu, for easy recall of your favorites



NATURE SOUNDS (Multimixer)

To ADD a layer:

  • Start playing a channel
  • Click on the plus (+) icon on the bottom left of the NOW PLAYING screen (#4 from the NOW PLAYING diagram at the top of this page)


  • Choose one layer (up to 3 layers can be chosen, one at a time via the NOW PLAYING page)
  • The chosen layer will start playing alongside the music. Volume for each layer can be controlled via the volume icons at the bottom of the page (Low/Mid/High)
  • Adjust the volume faders (sliders) of each layer to taste
  • Continue to add more layers, and enjoy creating ambient atmospheres.

To remove a layer:

  • Click the plus (+) symbol (which will now have a number between 1 and 3 on it) while playing your music, and you will see the layers also playing
  • Go to the layer to remove, and click the "X" symbol that appears to the right of the layer

Let your creative instincts paint your own Multimix.

  • Try adding different tonalities, high and low, for example, add some Birds for the high frequencies, Whales for the middle-frequency spectrum. Or try designing an "Outer Space" environment, using Earth, Delta Waves, and Submarine. Your imagination is the limit!
  • * note: if you are on this page because your music has certain unwanted sounds while playing your Calm Radio channel, please check the layers (+) first to be sure that only your music is playing


BACKGROUND VIDEO selection menu

You can select from beautiful moving video backgrounds to enhance your listening experience.



Calm Radio’s SAMSUNG TV App Features

  • Add up to 3 additional Nature Sound layers, to create your Multimix *
  • Track skip *
  • HD 320K audio *
  • Equalizer feature for tailoring sound *
  • Choose stunning background videos (or calming still images)
  • 375+ channels and growing weekly

* starred features are for Premium members only



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