Troubleshooting on macOS


Can't connect to Calm Radio through your macOS? We've got you covered. Try these troubleshooting steps:


Stream Dropouts

If your device is losing connectivity due to inconsistent or slow wifi/data, we highly recommend you enter the Calm Radio app’s Settings menu and reduce the audio quality setting to either Normal or Mobile.

Closing Background Apps

Your device may have too many applications open in the background memory which can cause your device to stall or slow down resulting in poor performance. Close as many apps as possible if your device response is slow.

Update your macOS

Your Apple device's operating system should be kept up-to-date. For many reasons, like security and new functionality, you should always check and perform requested macOS updates.


Airplay is a great way to send Calm Radio’s HD channels to another Airplay-enabled device. Some earlier macOS operating systems did not come with Airplay. To check, you will see the Airplay icon in the top menu bar of your screen.

The Airplay icon looks like this :Airplay

  • Your Macintosh must be Airplay equipped.
  • Your receiving device must be also Airplay-compatible and also enabled
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